About Capricorncoin (CCC) Dividend

Dear Users and Investors,


Blockchain technology and digital assets are two of the greatest inventions in human society, which will bring the greatest social changes to human society. Changes in the past are either changes in productivity or changes in production relations, both of which have certain time or space limitations. What is brought about by blockchain technology and digital assets is not only a change in productivity but also in production relations. They enable human beings to cross over time and space, and work in a fair manner.


With this faith, a group of blockchain technology supporters and digital asset enthusiasts gave up the lifestyles and jobs they used to enjoy and then established KEX. From the very beginning, KEX adheres to a basic principle that we make every effort to protect user interests, to promote the development of the industry, to help maintain the industry ecosystem, and to make no adverse effects to others.


Therefore, KEX has selected a number of high-quality digital assets for our users and made many efforts to promote the development and ecology of the industry. What users and investors can know directly is that there are no transaction fees charged in most of the operating hours of KEX. Even if the fees are charged, they are only half of the fees of our peers. Besides, the withdrawal fees on KEX are almost the lowest in the industry.


KEX values our mission more than the benefits, we look at the future rather than the present.


Capricorncoin (CCC) is a token of KEX. Under the operating strategy of KEX, CCC dividends can hardly satisfy most of its holders in a short term. We appreciate your understanding about that.


CCC Dividend Distribution:

1. Platform system has taken snapshots of users holding CCC by the time of 24:00 on March 31, 2018, Singapore time (GMT+8);

2. According to the proportion of CCC holdings, system will directly issue USDT as dividends to users' accounts at 9:00 on April 5, 2018.


Thanks for supporting KEX! If any questions, please contact: [email protected]; For complaints or suggestions, please contact: [email protected]


RISK WARNINGDigital currency is a new social product that is still in its initial stage of development. There could be many risks in the market of digital currency trading (e.g. technical defects, price fluctuations etc.). Users should be fully aware of the investment risks. Established under the legal framework of the Republic of Singapore, KEX is a neutral trading platform aiming to satisfy the trading demands of digital currency fans and is not liable for any review, warranty or compensation liabilities of the currency value.


KEX Operation Team

April 2, 2018